In our kitchen genuine ingredients are used, hailing from producers of our trust, always paying attention to respect tradition, safeguarding the products authenthicity and tastes, thus creating and unique and refined result.
Osteria de Cin ingredients
Osteria de Cin


and choice of rigorously selected raw materials from small producers, craftsmen with an endless passion and love for their work and one common goal: quality's excellence. That is how a kitchen that assures genuinity, freshness of raw materials and ingredients is born, constantly rewriting the traditon to contemporarity.
Our menu's specialties are prepared freshly every day, paying meticulous attention to provenance and seasonality. The selected products, inspired by Italy's ancient culinary tradition, are used with ability and thus transformed in unique dishes, prepared with grand mastery and passion.


together with style and innovation: the exact definition of the Osteria de Cin. This concept translates itself in the conservation of culinary tradition, whilst innovating it without letting it loose its identity and quality: in these characteristics we find our priority, almost a mission, not leaving anything to coincidence.
Our dishes are accompanied by wines of our menu, from the simplest to the most refined, chosen in order to find the perfect balance with each speciality, with tastes to expierence in new way.