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Our Deborah is a revolutionary Chef, bound to the regions territory, that pays attention to soustainability and respect for the raw materials. Together with her team she offers a contemporary kitchen, that combines tradition and innovation.
Chef Osteria de Cin
Creative Chef Osteria de Cin


and love for her vocation broght Deborah to research, use and care for regional raw materials, which is a pillar of our culinary tradition. Her kitchen is elegant and creative, always standing up for quality, and the balance between past and innovation.
Deborah Moretto, born 1989 in Perticato of Mariano Comense, a small town in the southern Como region, learned at the Pfp Vallesana di Sondalo in Valtellina. An all italian curriculum in excellent structures in Livigno, Stresa, Porlezza and Venice, where her family originally hails from. But it was here, at Claino con Osteno, when she entered the Osteria de Cin for the first time, that she had the feeling that this would be her new project. Thus, on 12 december 2019 the new Osteria was born, in collaboration with her colleague and partner Riccardo Turri.


competence and passion allow her to exalt an idea of a simple but high-levelled and innovative cuisine. Tastes, scents and flavours are all elements of inspiration in order to enrich traditional dishes with new, creative touches, a continuous research and the excellence excellence of the raw materials.
Some of the dishes offered for lunch and dinner are beef tartar with quail eggs and truffles, tagliolini with scampi, courgettes and cherry tomatoes, pork fillet with a sauce of dates and pear, umberfish on topinambur-cream and roasted almonds. A revolutionary Chef that has brought back in vogue the Osteria of times past.